Meet Our Herd

We are excitedly expecting cria this summer from a number of our girls.

All of our alpacas are BAS registered. If you are interested in any of the alpacas below and would like further information, or to meet them, then please feel free to contact us.

Utilising our contacts within the Alpacas in Wales Associate Breeders, we have access to over 130 alpacas so can meet the needs of all alpaca customers.

In the meantime, please enjoy the pictures of our friendly herd.


A very friendly yearling who is anything but shy.

D.O.B. 4th August 2019

Solid Light Fawn

Yearling (to be bred in 2021)


The biggest of the yearlings and leader of their pack, it's clear she will have a heart just as big and be just as caring.

D.O.B. 14th August 2019

Solid White

Yearling (to be bred in 2021)


The friendliest of our herd, Cleo will always be the first one to greet you at the gate for a neck and head scratch. Her nature is more like a Labrador than an Alpaca!

D.O.B. 21st August 2017

Dark Brown

Mated 18th July 2020


A cute and inquisitive yearling with appaloosa genetics.

D.O.B. 1st September 2019

Mid Fawn

Yearling (to be bred in 2021)


The herds aunt so is always keeping an eye out for the yearlings and cria, as well as always being the first at the feed trough.

D.O.B. 2nd April 2012

Solid Mid Fawn



The smallest girl of our herd and one of the recent weanling additions. She spends most her time with Cleo and is becoming just as friendly as her.

D.O.B. 18th August 2019

Solid White

Yearling (to be bred in 2021)


Oreo is as inquisitive as she is friendly, and is always standing proud at the front of the herd.

Cria at foot 

Encore Bane, colour - rose grey

D.O.B. 11th June 2015

Solid True Black

Mated 18th June 2020


A very playful yearling who has fantastic grey genetics.

D.O.B. 1st September 2019

Mid Brown

Yearling (to be bred in 2021)


Half sister to Sorrento, the family friendliness clearly follows strongly in this family unit.

D.O.B. 4th June 2013

Solid Mid Fawn

Mated 18th July 2020


Mother to Cleopatra, Sorrento is an attentive mother who is very calm and gentle in her nature. It's obvious where Cleo gets her friendliness from. Cushed behind her is her daughter Athena, born in 2019 and has since been sold.

D.O.B. 5th June 2014

Solid Mid Fawn

Mated 4th July 2020


A confident yearling who is just as curious as she is cute.

D.O.B. 9th August 2019

Solid Mid Fawn

Yearling (to be bred in 2021)


Vicky gets her tall stature from her mother, and despite not being the eldest herd member, is the matriarch. Don't let her size put you off though as she is just a "gentle giant".

D.O.B. 17th August 2017

Solid White

Mated 7th June 2020