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Encore Alpacas

Encore Alpacas was born out of a desire to breed friendly alpacas, without compromising on quality. We scoured the UK in search of the friendliest animals and eventually found what we were looking for! We pride ourselves on the friendliness of our herd, they all happily come over for a cwtch and to feed from the hand.

No visit is ever short with this lovely natured bunch, they all love a neck scratch and have been known to form a somewhat orderly queue for a turn.

Latest News

19th June 2020 - We were very excited that "Oreo" has given birth to a beautiful rose grey male. He has been named Encore Bane and we have high hopes for him given his genetics and how friendly both Sire and Dam are.

Sire - Bozedown Greystoke

Dam - Dewgates Malteaster "Oreo"

7kg at birth

Color - Rose Grey

At the beginning of 2020 we introduced 6 new weanlings to our herd from a farm in Essex. The new additions have settled in very well and are just as friendly as the existing herd.

Please enjoy the pictures of the new weanlings below: